Singled Out: F5's "Love is Dead"

(antiMusic) Megadeth fans will automatically know that a new F5 album is worth checking out since the band features former Megadeth stars David Ellefson and Jimmy DeGrasso, but for other fans of heavy rock music who need convincing we have two special editions of Singled Out for you where Ellefson and frontman Dale Steele tell us about two songs from their new album "The Reckoning" which just hit stores. Today they tell us about "Love is Dead". Here Dale Steele:

"Love is Dead"...when I first heard the music I thought, "Thanks a lot Steve (F5's guitarist). This is screwed�what can I write over this riff?!" But, after I actually digested the arrangement I found it easy to write to. The premise is very straight forward. "Love is Dead to me...I am numb like you expected me to be."

I hate judgmental people. When you beat me down with your own insecurities, I will become the very thing you detest. Leave me the f*** alone and maybe I won't let you down.

Now here is David Ellefson: This is one of the last tracks written for the album in the 11th hour before we commenced the recording session. Our guitarists John Davis and Steve Conley literally wrote the riffs in the studio and then laid them down to a click track just hours before Jimmy DeGrasso walked in to play drums to them!

As a result the song has a more complex arrangement with tempo shifts, probably because we couldn't streamline it by rehearsing it to death in a band room for months on end. It has a very old-school, metal vibe about it which is made clear by the opening and middle section guitar riffs. It's one of my favorite tracks on the album!

Sounds good huh? Sounds even better when you actually hear the song. Now that you know the story behind the track, go to the following link to check it out and learn more about the album and band, then grab a copy "The Reckoning" for yourself.
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