Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy!

(PR) Misheard musical lyrics are a near universal experience in pop culture, as everyone has at least one, if not many, hilarious misheard lyric stories. Radio station personalities have joked about them for years, cell phone commercials have parodied them and there are TV shows dedicated to the phenomenon. And now, there is even a social web destination as KissThisGuy.com, the world's largest interactive database of misheard lyrics with more than 100,000 submissions, goes version 2.0.

What Digg and Reddit do for news, Flickr does for pictures and Facebook and MySpace do for networking, KissThisGuy.com will do for misheard lyrics and music parody. An already popular web 1.0 destination and the top spot in Google for the phrase "misheard lyrics," KissThisGuy.com is getting a facelift to attract new misheard lyric and music aficionados and create a tighter-knit community around the comedy and uplifting experience of misheard lyrics and music parody. It is becoming the site to go to for a side-splitting laugh and soon will be the place for so much more.

The new version of the site features a personal profile for submitters of misheard lyrics, intuitive lyric sorting options, popularity listings of misheard lyrics in many categories such as; this week's most popular, most popular of the year; by country and many others, great new rating features and other options users have requested. Users will soon be able to showcase their personal or favorite submissions on their social network pages or blog. And this is just the beginning. Exciting new features will be rolled-out in several phases during 2008 as the company begins to expand its reach and gain the interest of millions of new visitors and members. - go sing along here

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