Daughtry Working on New CD

(antiMusic) While a lot of the "winners" of American Idol are finding themselves out on their backsides after TV fame didn't translate into record buying interest, Chris Daughtry is one of the biggest Idol alums and he didn't even win. The big news for Daughtry fans is that Chris and his band are hard at work on the follow up the best selling self-titled debut.

Our friends over at Gibson.com just conducted an exclusive interview with Chris and the band and we learn that the band isn't resting on their best selling laurels, they already have 17 songs ready for their sophomore album and hope to complete writing this spring. Does that mean a double album or 2 minute songs? Who knows? But they did let some cats out of the bag about the direction of the music. Here are some excerpts:

"Some songs are coming out a little heavier than the last record, and some songs are just way more beautiful," Daughtry says, mentioning that drummer Joey Barnes has written some new material on piano.

"Chris just sits at the back of the bus and will come out with something and say, 'I just wrote this thing,'" guitarist Josh Steeley says. "And it's amazing. The new stuff isn't too far from the album that's out now, but it's more complex."

Check out the full article for more on the songwriting plus some personal stuff from Chris. And yes Gibson.com is now a destination for music news and features, not just a place to salivate over Les Pauls. But you can still do that too. - See that here

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