Follow Ups and Mailbag: Scars is No Sideband, MySpace Heads Off AntiAnthem, Minus the Coverage, and Mission: Metallica Will Cost You

(antiMusic) Some follow-ups and responses to reader mail. First off we heard from a few Scars of Broadway fans last week that were a bit irritated that we called the band a "side-band" for Daron and John of System of a Down. A bad choice of words on our part as it turns out, we did contact their publicist to clarify and she told us that System is on an indefinite hiatus and right now, Scars IS Daron and John's band. So apologies to them. And after grabbing the preview on their debut album (hits stores on July 29th) it sounds like this band may go on to be in the tradition of Mars Volta by equaling the success of the band that spawned it. We're hoping to line-up a Scars of Broadway week for the album. We'll see if that happens, but in the meantime they did just announce some intimate Europe shows, grab those and the preview (and North American dates) more

MySpace Heads Off AntiAnthem By Fixing the Problem: Also good news on the Donnie Vie front. The music press can do some good (once in a great, great while). After we ran the story last week about how Donnie was so frustrated about not being able to gain access to his Myspace page that he was planning to write an anti-Myspace anthem, a rep from Myspace contacted us and we put them in direct touch with Donnie so they can get that all sorted out. We lost the song as a result, but the problem was solved. Maybe this will inspire Donnie to pen a pro-Myspace song. We'll see.

Minus the Coverage: Roger wrote in to ask why we are ignoring Minus the Bear after covering them for a long time. The sad answer is that the band's label Suicide Squeeze doesn't want our coverage. We came to that conclusion after they ignored requests for coverage. We have more labels and artist approach us for coverage then we can handle so these labels will obviously get priority coverage (if the music warrants it.) We're sorry it has to be this way, but it's not fair to those that take the effort and actually want our coverage if we ignore their artists in favor of labels like Suicide Sqeeze and Nuclear Blast that don't want our coverage. But again, the music has to be worthy of coverage or the story news worthy enough for us to devote our attention to it. Sadly, these labels knock themselves out of consideration.

Mission: Metallica Will Cost You: A couple of angry Metallica fans wrote us about the Idolator story we quoted last week that quoted prices for the new Metallica CD via the Mission:Metallica website. The prices quoted in that article included the "platinum experience" for Mission:Metallica which promised things like full show downloads, fly on the wall goodies, contests etc. The prices without the "platinum experience" are $11.99 for the download and $19.99 for the CD, which are more than the standard $9.99 download price and $12.99 - $16.99 CD prices, but to be fair the CD cost includes shipping. And finally the "platinum experience" package that includes the physical CD is $32.99 not $36.99. So the record has been set straight. Grab your credit card and feed the Lars - here

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