Dillinger Trash Disturbed Plan

(antiMusic) The Dillinger Escape Plan just kicked up their fued with Disturbed another notch. It all started when DEP's guitarist Ben Weinman said in an interview that he witnessed Disturbed of posing on stage by choreographing their moves.

Disturbed's Dan Donegan fired back in an interview with MTV where he denied that the band poses, saying they only use some lighting cues but also said, If [DEP] sold some records, and were at the level we're at, maybe they'd see that, for bands like Kiss and Metallica, there are certain highlight points during a set that you want to focus on."

The Dillinger Escape Plan responded on Monday with the following blog post on their Myspace page: "The guitar player Dom Deluise or whatever his name is with the little-peen complex from that band Disturbia or whatever they're called thinks that we care about them. Old news, but still funny. 'My Ferrari is better than your Honda!!! Our stages come apart and travel with us and yours don't!!! We have thirty guitar techs and you have one!' Coooool self-esteem barometer, douche bag. Wait... What's that I hear? The sound of your band still sucking? Oh, right. Gotcha there, bud." - The crack at Disturbed was only a small part of the blog post, they also made a ton of announcements.

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