Bangkok Five Week: Day 4 "This One's For The Haters"

(antiMusic) The Bangkok Five have been favorites of antiMusic since before they were even the Bangkok Five. Explosive but melodic, the band strikes the right mix and have been easily winning over fans since their debut album came out. We celebrate the release of the band's sophomore album, 'We Love What Kills Us,' by asking frontman Frost to give us the inside story on his five favorite tracks from the album.

Here is Frost with today's song "This One's For The Haters": Pretty much self explanatory, no? Haha! We come from a scene where a lot of the time it seems more important to look and act a certain way, than it does to ACTUALLY be able to play your instruments. Pro-tools has made it easy for people of questionable or limited talent to record successfully.

We purposefully wrote a complex, super fast, hard to play song, and then recorded it to tape where there is no faking it. Those hi-hat patterns Blanco is playing would normally be an overdub, because most drummers could never pull that off at that speed. The performance presented here is a completely live take.

The album hits stores next week but you can grab a taste right now, plus get the latest on the band and more - right here

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