Swervedriver And Handsome Furs Members Cover Each Other

(PR) White Whale Records is very proud to be releasing the Shine A Light 7" with Handsome Furs (Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade) and Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) covering a track by each others "other" band�

Fans were searching for it. What happened to the "Shine A Light" Wolf Parade cover that was supposed to close the highly anticipated Adam Franklin debut Bolts of Melody? Adam had been closing shows with the song on tour and it was in the press releases for the record, but, upon release, it wasn't there. Did a recorded version exist?

Then, there it was, posted on myspace. A lush, intimate version of Shine A Light as only Adam Franklin could do it. But, 2 days later it was removed. "Could you put it back?" "Post the mp3?" One fan went so far as to ask whether Adam was too much of a rock star to take 30 seconds to personally send him the ascap-extortion-removed. A slew of responses erupted on the blog.

One note came from long-time Swervedriver fan and White Whale founder, Ryder Havdale. Ryder was friends with Dan Boeckner who'd written Shine a Light, and, sure enough, a light went on�. What if Dan would record a Swervedriver track? A quick call was made and, as it turned out, Dan too was a fan of Swervedriver. "When I was 12, if you told me Adam Franklin would cover one of my songs in the future I would have freaked!"

This month marked the return of Swervedriver with a showcase at Coachella and the first official tour in 10 years. Adam is recording his second solo album as Adam Franklin and has just released the debut for his latest project, Magnetic Morning.

Dan has just finished recording the sophomore Wolf Parade record and Handsome Furs are currently working on their follow-up record. Dan and Alexei of Handsome Furs are covering a yet to be announced Swervedriver track and the 2 tracks will be available as a limited edition 7" on colored vinyl as well as digitally.

Adam Franklin's cover of Shine A Light is available on iTunes now! The Handsome Furs track will be available once the 7" is ready. Expect it early summer.

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