New York Dolls Plan New CD

(Blabbermouth) New York Dolls lead singer David Johansen has told Goldmine magazine that the band will hit Europe for some dates this summer, and after that, "I think we're probably going to think about making a studio album," he said.

"Yeah, it's an interesting time, because we have no idea how like we're going to proceed with that. I mean, we know we're going to make songs, and we know how to do that, but as far as how we're going to get it out there, we haven't figured that out yet, and that's kind of exciting I think.

"You know, we've always been kind of like mavericks � mavericks ... now I sound like John McCain (laughs) � but as far as the record business is concerned ... I see people coming up and getting awards, and they go, 'I want to thank this great industry,' and I'm always thinking, 'Oh, f*ck you, this great industry. What a joke.' We've always kind of done our own thing." - more on this story

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