Paper Bag Go Digital

(PR) Toronto's hometown heroes Paper Bag Records are proud to announce the launch of Paper Bag Digital! PBD is scheduled to open its virtual doors later this month with the inaugural release of Sally Shapiro's Remix Romance Vol. 2 on June 17th, 2008 featuring Dntel, Russian Futurists and Solvent.

Preceding its release date, Remix Romance Vol. 2 will first be made available June 3rd exclusively for iTunes, and will include two bonus remixes not available anywhere else!

Digital-only releases are also in the works for Woodhands, rare live highlights of The Acorn's Glory Hope Mountain, and You Say Party! We Say Die! among others. All future releases will now be available in 320kbps / DRM-free files on the Paper Bag Records site. - more on this story

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