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(PR) Metal Mind Productions will rerelease Afflicted's "Prodigal Sun" on 7th July 2008 in Europe and 2nd September 2008 in USA. New digipak edition is limited to 2000 numerated copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.

Afflicted debuted when the Swedish metal scene was crawling with Entombed and Unleashed clones, all far from any originality. The Stockholm five-piece had a different approach towards death metal – they offered complex and intriguing music, reaching far beyond the typical Swedish school of metal. Their first and most acclaimed album – "Prodigal Sun" – was a groundbreaking release, unfortunately overshadowed by the flood of other death metal bands at that time. Now you have the chance to experience the genius of Afflicted, who were often compared to such icons as Pungent Stench, Atrocity, Atheist and Dismember…

"Prodigal Sun" (1992) contained eleven mind-blowing tracks, ranging from slow-paced death metal monsters to fast, thrash-influenced bulldozers. Produced by Tomas Skogsberg (known from working with such known acts as Therion, At The Gates, Dark Throne, Grave and Entombed) at the legendary Studio Sunlight, the LP managed to gather a handful of inspiring ideas and cloth them in the traditional death metal suit. The material was both inspiring and extremely heavy – the compositions were far from the melodic approach used by most of the Swedish death metal bands at the beginning of the 90's. Each track had a specific psychedelic vibe to it, backed by a complex structure that often revealed some really surprising influences, such as Arabic folk music and heavy blues-rock. Songs such as "Astray", "Tidings From the Blue Sphere" and "The Empty Word" perfectly show the extreme variety of this material. All this forms a truly memorable experience, one of the few found on the early 90's Swedish metal scene…


1. Prodigal Sun
2. Harbouring The Soul
3. In Years To Come
4. Tidings From The Blue Sphere
5. The Empty Word
6. Astray
7. Rising To The Sun
8. Spirit Spectrum
9. The Doomwatcher's Prediction
10. Consumed in Flames
11. Ivory Tower

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