Does Lars Think He's Trent Reznor with Metallica Mystery Postings?

(Blabbermouth) We told you yesterday about the mysterious "magnetica" artwork that appeared on Metallica's website. It now appears that Lars (he runs the band doesn't he?) is screwing with people's minds and stealing a page from Trent Reznor's book of "let's post cryptic crap on our website".

Blabbermouth has the details: Metallica has posted an updated version of the image that originally appeared on the band's official web site yesterday (Tuesday, June 10) under the headline "???."

There is still no word as to what the image represents or whether it will form part of the cover artwork for the band's new studio album. [Gene Simmons should follow suit and officially change the KISS logo into KI$$ in time for their new KISS Idol TV show. Now back to Metallica and this mysterious artwork: Our guess is that they are revealing the title of the new album a few letters at a time.
- See the new magnetica artwork and judge for yourself].

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