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(PR) Lionsgate Pictures and "Weeds" are proud to announce the digital-only release of Little Boxes Dimebag #1 on June 17, 2008. With a wide breadth of artists from the likes of Rise Against to Engelbert Humperdinck, Randy Newman and others performing the hit show's now-retired theme song "Little Boxes," the Dimebag is a collection of some of the industry's finest talent placing their own unique spin on one of television's most identifiable tunes. Subsequent Dimebag collections are set for monthly releases beginning in July.

"Jenji Kohan [Creator and Executive Producer of the show] and I both grew up with the song and she played it over and over while writing the pilot," said music supervisor Christopher Noxon of the inclusion of "Little Boxes" in the show's overall theme and profile. "We were absolutely thrilled when such an amazing array of artists came forward with their own distinct, individual interpretations of a song about conformity. There was never any question that it would be the perfect theme."

About the song's retirement, Noxon said, "With Nancy moving out of Agrestic and out of her 'little box,' it just didn't make sense to stick with 'Little Boxes.' We tried to make it work, but in in the end I think it's a credit to the producers that they recognized that the show, like Nancy, has moved up and on."

On June 16, Showtime will launch season four of the hit series. Shortly thereafter, on July 8, Lionsgate Pictures will release the much-anticipated soundtrack to season three. The CD will feature Kevin Nealon, Beirut, Oh No! Oh My!, Illinois, The Dresden Dolls, Ween, Page France, That 1 Guy and others. The music being featured on the soundtrack is just as eccentric and uplifting as the show itself.

The tracklisting for LITTLE BOXES DIMEBAG #1 is:

01. Randy Newman
02. Angelique Kidjo
03. Maestro Charlie Barnett
04. Aidan Hawken
05. Kinky
06. Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters
07. Englebert Humperdinck
08. Peggy Honeywell
09. Goat
10. Rise Against

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