Bloody Murder Video Pulled

(antiMusic) If you are one of those guys that have a secret desire to hook-up with Ashanti. Aside from not having a snowball's chance in hell of realizing that dream, you might want to watch her latest video, it could change your mind altogether. Her label pulled the clip for her single, "The Way That I Love You," after the violent blood filed video sparked protest. Imagine that.

Billboard reports: The clip features a scorned lover, played by Ashanti, who gets revenge on her cheating boyfriend by stabbing him to death. A murder scene with the boyfriend's body in a tub and a bloody knife are among the images featured in it.

A separate promotional video includes a fake news reports about a killing spree allegedly inspired by Ashanti's love crime, as well as bloody walls with the words "black children will die" smeared on them. - Read a lot more details about this controversy

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