Bonnaroo Now Rightly Lonnaroo

(antiMusic) Not going to Bonnaroo? Then why not experience this weekend's music festival vicariously through Lonn Friend? With all the inside stories etc, it might actually be better than being there! Aside from being the famed editor of Rip Magazine, MTV personality, syndicated radio show host, the man that actually tried to get Clive Davis to sign rock bands, and acclaimed author of "Life on Planet Rock," (not to mention an antiMusic contributor), you'll find Lonn's distinct writings in any number of publications these days.

So when a metal magazine asked Lonn if he wanted to venture to the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee for a cover story on his old friends Metallica, he readily agreed. But we discover another reason why he made the trip from So Cal. In a special Lonnaroo blog Lonn created for this weekend's festival, where Lonn plans to update fans with views, reviews and inside stories on the happenings at the event, he tells us in his first entry:

"But it ain't just the four horsemen of Bay Area thrash-turned global hard rock juggernaut that got me jazzed about the bountiful Bonnaroo '08. I'm also excited about reconnecting with old friends whose musical evolution I have also witnessed and enjoyed. The entities are scattered throughout the four-day festival, disparate deities of riff and word like Pearl Jam and Robert Plant, united with Allison Krauss and an old golfing buddy named T. Bone Burnett. Got a friend in Las Vegas who lives and dies for Widespread Panic yet I confess I've never had the live experience. My daughter is crazy about MGMT. Jack White does little wrong in my book so the Raconteurs are high on my list. I could go on and on but this is the debut entry so let me get back to the set up."

That's just a small taste of what's already up there and what's to come. - Check it out here

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