Sister Hazel Week: Day 5 "World Inside My Head"

(antiMusic) Sister Hazel will be releasing, "Before The Amplifiers, Live Acoustic," a new live acoustic album next week. The CD features the band's hits, fan favorites, and live concert staples. To celebrate the release we asked frontman Ken Block to tell us about his five favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Ken with today's song:

"World Inside My Head": I actually wrote this song with Richard Marx at his house outside Chicago. It was right before I got clean and Sober and I had some heavy thoughts bouncing around in my head. I was feeling pretty disconnected, misunderstood and I was isolating a bit.

I told him I wanted to write a song that was kind of an "Ode To Oddness".... Some of my favorite lines that I've ever been a part of are in this song -- Like, "Watch the sunrise - like it's a big surprise" and "Strange is just a different point of view"...

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