Live Nation's Latest Scheme To Get Your Money

(antiMusic) For those that thought that Live Nation might be a real alternative to Ticketbastard, that's not gonna happen as you end up basically paying the same overpriced "fees" to buy from them as you would ticketbastard, with the added recent bonus of paying a parking fee on every ticket! How clever of them. Now they have a new scheme in New York to convince you to pay them the ticket taxes instead of Ticketbastard.

Idolator has the tale: From an e-mail blast sent by turmoil-filled concert behemoth Live Nation to New York concertgoers: "Live Nation announced today that effective immediately customers purchasing tickets on livenation.com will be afforded the privilege of entering shows prior to those holding tickets purchased other ticketing services."

Talk about two Americas! Although I guess that's one way to make attendees a bit less grumbly about paying one company's "convenience fees," as opposed to those being demanded by said company's competitors. - more on this story

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