Lothloryen Finish New Album

(PR) The heavy/folk metal band Lothloryen recently finished the recordings of their second album, entitled "Some Ways Back No More", featuring nine tracks which show the unique identity of the group, with a proposal focused on heavy metal, but with diverse influences, from bands like The Beatles to Blind Guardian, with strong touches of folk music.

The album has the artwork created by Robson Piccin (Eternal Malediction, Symmetrya, Laudany), and features the following track list: 01. My Mind in Mordor 02. We'll Never Be The Same 03. Hobbitcon (Intro) 04. Hobbits' Song 05. Some Ways Back no More 06. A Secret Time 07. White Lies (Take Me Home) 08. My Grimoire 09. Unfinished Fairytale

Now the band is negotiating the release of the new album, and recently released a MySpace page, where is available the new single, "My Mind In Mordor", besides of a new version of "Hobbits' Song", originally released in 2007. - more on this story

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