Maiden Silenced at Madison Square Garden

(Blabbermouth) A user submitted the following report: "There was a strange event right in the middle of [Iron Maiden's] set [at Madison Square Garden in New York City Sunday night, June 15]. Halfway through the song 'Powerslave', the power died to the sound system, and MAIDEN were onstage with full lights, shrugging their shoulders.

I was right behind the soundboard, and there was never any problem at that end. In fact, [cycling star] Lance Armstrong and [actress] Kate Hudson were standing beside the mixing board making out, which made the whole situation even weirder. Who's the Maiden-head in that celebrity family? Anyway, obviously this was a high point of their set, and within a minute after the stalls the band produced a soccer ball on stage and began kicking it around to entertain the fans while the technical nightmare continued.

... My friends and I were joking that this was a long-distance dedication from Sharon Osbourne, and evidently Dickinson thought the same. As soon as his mic worked, he muttered dramatically something like: 'The revenge of Sharon...the wicked witch of the west rises again!' - more on this story

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