Vegas Jacko For Neverland Cash?

(Hecklerspray) Long have we wondered what Michael Jackson's next career move would be. Will he make another album? Will he start a charity to help the big-nosed poor? Will he be another ride at Disney Land? Perhaps one where he puts roller-skates on his hands and feet and rolls about the room in a crab-walk type style with a saddle on his belly, and your height has to be below Mickey's hand to climb on board?
Well we can tell you - he's gonna be a Vegas attraction.

It's been rumored before, but this time it's different. This time he could be working directly for the mortgage company that just bought the $23 million dollar loan for his Neverland Ranch.

It's perfect timing too, really, since Celine Dion just left Vegas and they are the exact same proportions, he could just use her costumes. Now that's economic efficiency! - more on this story

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