Evidence One Reissue

(MMP) Evidence One is one of the most talented groups on the contemporary melodic rock scene, paying homage to traditional hard rock while in the same time sharpening it with a hard metal edge.

"Tattooed Heart" is their second full-length release and one of their best � it contains all the elements that make a band worth your attention: great musicianship, passionate vocals and a powerful message. If you think that you know all about modern rock music � think again�

New digipak edition of "Tattooed Heart" will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 21st July in Europe and 2nd September 2008 in USA (via MVD). Limited to 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.

"Tattooed Heart" was officially released on November 15th, 2004, bringing ten electrifying tracks, all deeply rooted in the best hard rock traditions. Starting with a hypnotizing Egyptian intro comes the album's first highlight � the charismatic "Moonsigh", a track that Ronnie James Dio wished he had composed. It's followed by a straight-forward rocker "Virus In My Veins", one of the catchiest songs on the LP. Other highlights include the epic title track, the beautiful ballad "In Love And War", the stadium anthem "Anything I Need To Know" and the closing "Child of Insanity". Reviewers often mentioned the powerful and melodic vocals by Carsten Schulz, comparing him to such singers as Goran Edman (Time Requiem, ex-Yngwie Malsteen), Don Doken (Doken) and David Coverdale (ex-Deep Purple, Whitesnake). The band's music, on the other hand, was often described as a mixture of Northern Europe melodic metal in the vain of Bonfire, Pretty Maids and Madison, and U.S.-based hard rock, as played by Joshua or late Leatherwolf. "Tattooed Heart" is much more polished than the debut release � the group's goal was to make an epic album and they certainly succeeded. With brilliant artwork designed by Thomas Ewerhard (who previously worked with Edguy and Spock's Beard), the LP was a shining gem on the European melodic rock scene�


1. Moonsigh
2. Virus In My Veins
3. Written In Blood
4. Tattooed Heart
5. Infinite Seconds
6. When Thunder Hits The Ground
7. In Love And War
8. Slave To The Machine
9. Anything I Need To Know
10. Child Of Insanity
11. Wall Of Lies (bonus track)

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