Just When You Thought VH1's Celebretardity Couldn't Get Any Worse

(antiMusic) Before we get to this, we want to give you an update about a quality show that's actually worth watching. We heard from Showtime today that Dexter will be back this Fall for a third season. No more details yet, but we wanted to offset the following IQ dropping news with something positive. Here is the news about VH1's latest installment of "celebretardity" (maybe we can get Dexter to take care of the "contestants"?):

Contestants from VH1's series "Rock of Love," "I Love New York" and "Flavor of Love" are set to star in the network's newest 'celebreality' series, "I Love Money" premiering on Sunday, July 6 at 9:00 PM.*

Hosted by Craig J. Jackson, the 12-episode series will pit 17 all-star contestants against one another for a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize.

Infamous cast members including 12 Pack, Chance, Heat, Midget Mac, Mr. Boston, Real, The Entertainer, Whiteboy, Brandi C., Destiney, Heather, Hoopz, Megan, Nibblz, Pumkin, Rodeo and Toastee will travel to Mexico where they will participate in outrageous challenges to test their determination to get rich. For this group of men and women competing for a chance at love is nothing compared to competing for their true heart's desire, money.

The challenges will be based off of past infamous "�Of Love" moments including fierce bed battles, triathlons, and of course backstabbing. Contestants will have to put their brains to the test to assemble tricky puzzles and catapult devices. To spice things up, they will have to work the stripper pole and compete with g-strings. And of course the contestants will show the competition a little love with loads of lip locking.

VH1.com will sneak peek episode one beginning Monday, June 30 � one week before the series' on-air premiere and will be home to exclusive video content throughout the season. Additionally, each episode will be available on VH1.com every Friday following its Monday on-air premiere.

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