Paper Rival Week: Day 5 "The Kettle Black"

(antiMusic) Paper Rival's debut album "Dialog" just hit stores. The band's rootsy indie rock has been winning them fans and critical praise and caught our attention, so we asked frontman Jacob Rolleston to tell us a little about his favorite tracks from the new CD. Here is Jacob with today's song:

The Kettle Black - No one can tell me that I wrote bad lyrics on this one. I've had a few people tell me that the lyrics are cheesy but I didn't write 95% of them, my great-grandfather did.

The words are almost all taken from letters that he wrote his wife while serving in WWII. I was reading the letters and was thinking that a lot of the problems that he had in his life in the 40's, I'm having in my life today. Not with women necessarily. More with a desire for constant change and always being on edge.

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