Killsmith Week: Day 1 "Leave Me Alone"

(antiMusic) Most people got their first taste of Neal Smith's talent on most of Alice Cooper's classic songs. But to get the full Neal Smith experience you have to hear the new Killsmith album 'Sexual Savior,' where Neal not only wrote all the songs and played almost all of the instruments but also produced it! Last month Morley spoke with Neal about the album in details and we're including just a small part of that conversation here this week as Neal walks us through some of his favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Neal with today's song:

"Leave Me Alone": I find that I have all sorts of inspirations for writing material. But what I try to do some times is put myself into somebody's head and I was imagining what, if I could get inside the head of the kids that did so much damage in Columbine, and try to see what they may have been thinking about days or weeks before this happened. And that's totally where this came from. I mean it was pretty simplistic in its approach. And I wanted to try something just a little bit different.

Instead of just hammering out lines, just to belt out words, that were very powerful words to talk about what someone may have been thinking, and actually, I probably can imagine there's not too many kids in high school that at some point or another, no matter who they are, may have not had those feelings. Now reacting to them the way that people do sometimes unfortunately in some of these instances with weapons which is totally outrageous. Not everybody does that but they still think those things. I mean we're all in high school at one point. So that was sort of the inspiration for that one."

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