Killsmith Week: Day 2 "Sexual Savior"

(antiMusic) Most people got their first taste of Neal Smith's talent on most of Alice Cooper's classic songs. But to get the full Neal Smith experience you have to hear the new Killsmith album 'Sexual Savior,' where Neal not only wrote all the songs and played almost all of the instruments but also produced it! Last month Morley spoke with Neal about the album in details and we're including just a small part of that conversation here this week as Neal walks us through some of his favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Neal with today's song:

"Sexual Savior", I'm not going to tell you how it all came about. (Laughs) Now that was just, through the history of the band, I mean, we knew some of the most outrageous groupies in the country. And it was a sort of tribute, or homage to them, if you will, and some of the women that I've known personally through my lifetime. That was pretty much it.

All I'm trying to do is�you know, there are three parts to classic rock and roll, and that's sex, drugs and rock and roll. And I was just trying to sort of highlight the sex part of it, which is always a part of rock and roll."

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