Behind The Doors

(UMe) You've been behind the music, read the dirt and seen the concerts, now experience what it takes, and meet who is involved, in the making of a Classic Album. Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to announce the April 22 release of The Doors, as the next installment of its much-lauded "Classic Albums" DVD series.

The year was 1967. The music industry was going through an upheaval as the old guard was giving way to a youth culture revolution that turned thought, sound and politics inside-out and upside-down. In the midst of all this, one of, if not arguably the greatest rock'n'roll debut album ever, came out of Los Angeles. Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Kreiger and John Densmore forever changed the way music was not only made but ingested. The Doors' self-titled debut changed the rules of rock forever.

The Doors features its three surviving members newly interviewed about that heady rush, that intoxicating thrill, accompanying the creation of a masterpiece. Original engineer Bruce Botnick adds his own remembrances. Testimonials from such Doors-influenced musicians as Henry Rollins and Perry Farrell are juxtaposed with actual instrumental demonstrations of the songs themselves to create an incredible behind-the-scenes look that rock fans will never forget.

Krieger fascinatingly demonstrates on slide and flamenco guitar just how certain songs were written. Manzarek recreates exclusively for this DVD how he chanced upon rock's greatest organ solo ("Light My Fire"). Densmore shows off his highly idiosyncratic drum techniques. And even longtime Doors fans might not know that "Moonlight Drive" was deleted from the debut, only to show up on the next album, Strange Days, in a totally different arrangement.

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