Tommy Lee and Ludacris Reality Show

(antiMusic) Remember a few months ago when Motley Crue sued Tommy Lee's manager--in part--because they believed said manager made Tommy look stupid by taking part in reality TV shows? It looks like whoever is advising Tommy now didn't get the memo as Lee is set to appear in a new reality show with rapper Ludacris. They aren't forming a band. They're building houses out of bamboo for the show that will air on the Discovery channel's new "green" offshoot.

Sleaxeroxx has the story: A new reality TV show will see Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee team up with rapper Ludacris to build homes out of sustainable construction bamboo. The TV show, 'Battleground Earth' will see the artists build small houses out of construction "kits".

As Jeffree Trudeau, President of Bamboo Technologies, the company behind the project says, "Our buildings range in size from a 120 sq ft tropical bungalow, like those assembled on Battleground Earth, to an over 3000 sq ft, fully insulated, 2 story Bamboo Mansion. The smaller kits assemble in a matter of days, and in the case of Tommy Lee and Ludacris, in a matter of hours, making them particularly attractive for disaster relief." - more on this story

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