A Look at Jon Foreman's Musical Year

(PR) Acclaimed Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman releases Limbs and Branches Oct. 28 on lowercase people records / Credential Recordings / EMI CMG. The full length, 12-song recording features two new tunes, "Broken From the Start" and "Over the River," as well as the most popular hits from his widely acclaimed Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer solo EPs that have sold the equivalent of 150,000 copies to date.

Each EP serves as a chapter of Foreman's stripped down, intimate and direct vision. It is one that begins with a foray into death and decay, but eventually transforms into reflections on growth and rebirth. All four discs were produced by Foreman with GRAMMY-nominated Charlie Peacock serving as the executive producer.

"For the past few tours we've done as a band [Switchfoot], I've made a habit of playing a set after the show," said Foreman prior to the release of Fall. "Many of these 'after shows' have been incredible experiences, a chance for spontaneous acoustic music that is completely juxtaposed to the rock band environment: no booking agent, no light show, no amps or guitar techs � just Dylan covers, some sing-a-longs, and honest stories. These projects are an attempt to create a musical conversation that mirrors that experience."

What began as impromptu solo performances by Foreman at coffee shops, bars, caf�'s and alleys around Switchfoot's touring worldwide has continued following the release of the EPs and expanded into noteworthy performances at SXSW, New York City's Central Park, Koffeehouse 2008 "Evening of Independence" Music Festival, Tribeca Film Festival (NY), Fishmouth Live Event and more.

Inspired by his frequent, impromptu solo sets, Foreman is a man still journeying towards self-discovery, unafraid of questioning anything in his path. Some people write songs to get famous or gain respect, but Foreman writes songs to understand himself.

"I write questioning songs," he says. "I'm interested in reading philosophy and trying to figure things out. The melodies come to me quite easily so it's the poets, philosophers and psalmists that help me put the melodies where they belong. The songs assist me in the challenge of knowing who I am, so the shoulders of great writers are a good place to start."

Called a "master songwriter" by the press following the release of his EPs, Jon Foreman is currently recording songs with Switchfoot for its highly anticipated new album slated for a spring 2009 release. "I really feel that the next Switchfoot album will be our defining record," relates Foreman. He's also on the groundbreaking 23-city major market "Music Builds" Tour with Switchfoot that benefits Habitat for Humanity.

More information about Jon Foreman can be found at www.jonforeman.com.

Limbs and Branches track listing: 1) Your Love Is Strong � 2) Behind Your Eyes � 3) The Cure For Pain � 4) Resurrect Me � 5) Southbound Train � 6) Broken From The Start * � 7) House Of God, Forever � 8) Instead Of A Show � 9) A Mirror Is Harder To Hold � 10) In My Arms � 11) Learning How To Die � 12) Over The River *

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