Attack! Attack! UK Week: Day 4

(antiMusic) The British are coming, the British are coming. That is Attack! Attack! UK's new self-titled album is coming out next week. To celebrate the pending release from these buzz worthy Welsh rockers, we asked the band's frontman Neil Starr to pick some of his favorite songs from the album and tell us about them. Here is Neil with today's song:

Lights Out: This was the first track we ever wrote as attack attack. I remember myself and Ryan in my living room with an acoustic guitar and when we played the chords it was instantly like "wow" they sound awesome! the song kinda wrote itself because the chords were so perfect together the melody came straight away. The lyrics were inspired by a friend who had split up from a girl . Lyrically Its about saying stuff you don't really mean during a fight with a loved one and not knowing if you will ever get the chance to take those words back.

Check out tracks from the album, get tour dates, read the members blogs and learn more about the coming attack right - here!

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