Destroyer Lusty Queen Redux

(MMP) Destroyers - one of the most influential groups in the entire history of Polish heavy metal. Back in late 80's and early 90's, they were one of the few heroes of the scene, bringing together thousands of metal fans all across Poland.

Metal Mind Productions will re-release Destroyers debut album from 1989 - "A Night Of The Lusty Queen". The album proved to be a true heavy metal masterpiece � catchy riffs, powerful vocals and insane drumming made this release an instant classic on the Polish metal scene. Lyrically, the album told tales of honor, betrayal, lust and cruelty, set in a world of haunting legends, brave warriors and beautiful temptresses. The lyrics were often very straight-forward and for that time � quite shocking. This exclusive re-release includes bonus tracks taken from the Polish language versions.

Destroyers legend still lives on and this re-issue proves it, as we welcome back a true blast from the past! Digitally remastered, it perfectly captures the sheer essence of Destroyers � a true legend of the Polish scene! New digipack edition will be limited to 2000 copies. The release date is set up for 27th October 2008 in Europe and 20th January 2009 in USA (via MVD).

1. Introduction
2. A Terrible Anathema
3. Call Of Blood
4. Czarina's Warm Pubes
5. Wine And Sex
6. A Night Of The Lusty Queen
7. The Kingdom Of Evil
8. The Temple Of Pleasure
9. Angry
10. Bastard

Bonus tracks:
11. Potępieniec
12. Kr�lestwo Zła
13. Czarne Okręty
14. Bastiony Śmierci
15. Młot na Świętą Inkwizycję
16. Noc Kr�lowej Żądzy (live)
17. Młot na Świętą Inkwizycję (live)
18. Bastard (live)
19. Krzyż i miecz

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