Attack! Attack! UK Week: Final Day

(antiMusic) The British are coming, the British are coming. That is Attack! Attack! UK's new self-titled album is coming out next week. To celebrate the pending release from these buzz worthy Welsh rockers, we asked the band's frontman Neil Starr to pick some of his favorite songs from the album and tell us about them. Here is Neil with today's song:

You and Me: Will, the bassist, had just agreed to join the band and myself and Ryan said do you have any song ideas you can play us. He put a cd in my player and it played a rough demo version of the song that he had recorded on his PC. I was instantly in love with the groove and totally loved the riff! it triggered something in my head and I kinda just blurted out the melodies straight away . Sorry that may sound boring haha but that's how it happened , I think this is my fav song on the album!

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