Ted Nugent's Electrified Loins

(Music Radar) At nearly 60 years of age, Ted Nugent is still singing to the women of the world, and he claims that his tunes have the same effect on the female persuasion today as they did in his heyday during the '70s.

"The girls love my music," the 'Motor City Madman' states happily. "It's so genuine, it's so sensual. Listen to the intro of Love Grenade or Girl Scout Cookies. Listen to Stranglehold or Cat Scratch Fever. Dear God, that's as primal as primal can be!"

Still, one question persists. For a musician who celebrates sexuality as unabashedly as The Nuge, why did he stop wearing his trademark loincloth onstage? "Well, Mrs Nugent, who happens to be my campaign manager and, I would like to think, my overall quality-of-life manager - while I was sleeping many years ago, Mrs Nugent actually implanted an electronic dog-training collar on my scrotum." Nugent says, laughing. - Listen to the full podcast for more gems like this one.

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