Bon Jovi Go Plastic

(antiMusic) Hair extensions: $369.00. Spandex: $119.95. Depends Rock Star Edition 8 Pack: $12.99. 80s plastic pop rock group immortalized in plastic: Priceless. That's right folks you can now help build Jon Bon Jovi's bank account by depleting your own! All with the handy, dandy Bon Jovi MasterCard Credit Card With WorldPoints Rewards!

Our friends at SleazeRoxx posted a news story about this card which looks rather like an advertisement but did contain a little news: If you apply now you can get a Bon Jovi long sleeve t-shirt (size S - XXL available) and a Bon Jovi mesh baseball hat after qualifying transaction(s). No details on what those purchases might be. But we did find that the APRs will range between 9.99% and 19.99%.

Also the issuing bank is Bank of America and strangely unlike regular BOA cards (at least here at anti) they have no cap on the balance transfer fees so you get to help the working class hero Jon Bon Jovi buy his next sports team that much faster! So toss out your Crapitol One card and get this one, it will go great next to your KISS Visa! So what are you waiting for? - You know you want it!

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