Godhead Week: Day 1

(antiMusic) Underground industrial metal heroes Godhead release their latest album "At The Edge Of The World," this week and to celebrate we asked frontman Jason C. Miller to pick his favorite five tracks and tell us a little about each one. But first he gives us this introduction:

" I don't like revealing TOO much about my songs, because I like people to interpret them their own way, but I think I can give you my overall inspiration without spoiling it for others´┐Ż"

Now here is Jason with today's song: "Stay Back": A song about denial. Some people don't know a good thing when it slaps them in the face, and some people are so self-deprecating that they actually push others away, even if they are perfect together. Others feel that they are flawed and don't want to hurt anyone else, so they push others away before it gets too deep.

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