Gojira Week: Day 3

(antiMusic) France isn't exactly the country you think of when you think of heavy metal but heavy rockers Gojira are out to change that perception. The band hit record stores this week with their new album ''The Way of All Flesh," and to celebrate the release we asked frontman Joe Duplantier to pick his favorite tracks from the disc and tell us a little about each one. Here is Joe with today's song:

"A Sight To Behold": We have a small vocoder in our rehearsal room so Mario, our drummer, can explain his ideas with the keyboard instead of trying to sing the melodies. It's a good way to communicate between a drummer and a guitarist. Sometimes we jam together with this vocoder and we find some very cool sounds. On this song we decided to use one of the sounds that we really like. We usually never use keyboards or electronic stuff, but on this part we needed something different, something cold and straight. The lyrics are about human's abusive behavior toward nature so this cold vibe was exactly what we needed.

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