Gojira Week: Final Day

(antiMusic) France isn't exactly the country you think of when you think of heavy metal but heavy rockers Gojira are out to change that perception. The band hit record stores this week with their new album ''The Way of All Flesh," and to celebrate the release we asked frontman Joe Duplantier to pick his favorite tracks from the disc and tell us a little about each one. Here is Joe with today's song plus a bonus song story to end the week right!:

"Adoration For None": We invited Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God on this song. Having him contribute to the album means a lot to us. LOG brought us to the States on their Sacrament US Tour last year, and it was an incredible experience and huge opportunity for Gojira to play in front of a large and open-minded audience. Randy is definitely our biggest supporter in the States and we became good friends. The title "Adoration For None" fits perfectly with his personality. He came to France to work with us in our hometown of Bayonne, to write and record the vocals, and we had a great time visiting and eating local food. He's a great singer and also an amazing human being, down to earth and passionate.

"Esoteric Surgery": This song is about the power we have to heal ourselves. My girlfriend is a therapist and she's into alternative medicines like Reiki, Yoga and Meditation. I myself practice and I know that we can have a strong positive impact on our health by using these techniques. It brings me to the conclusion that we are much more powerful than we think and I'm wondering if there's a limit with evolution... My girlfriend Aurelie inspired me a lot for this song. We talk a lot about life in general and on this song I can say that she gave me a lot of ideas and images for the writing.

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