Shout Out Out Out Out and San Serac Split

(PR) The new split 12" single 'In The End It's Your Friends / Friends' showcases not only new recordings by both Shout Out Out Out Out and San Serac, but also two vastly differing views on friendship.

'In The End It's Your Friends / Friends' 12" and digital is released Oct 21 2008 by Normals Welcome Records.

Falling right in line with Shout Out Out Out Out's generally bleak lyrical world view, 'In The End It's Your friends' drills home an urgent warning to "beware, because in the end it's your friends that will f*** you over" and a too-true reminder that "it's not backstabbing if you see it coming".

This track is the first glimpse (uh, you can hear a glimpse right?) of the upcoming material from the Shoutset's new album, and it delivers on their future promises with a truly epic build-up at the end which will surely bring all wrong-doing friends to their knees. San Serac counters with a vastly more positive outlook, as he brings his take on the Shalamar disco classic 'Friends' to the table.

Almost comical in it's adulation of friendly bonds (especially in comparison to Shout Out Out Out Out's stark view), San Serac delivers lines like "if i had a dollar for every time, they have stood by my side and things turned out right, I would be a millionaire, and my wealth they would share, because I'd be nowhere without my friends" with all of the passion of someone who really believes it! San Serac wears his disco and garage influences on his sleeve with this one, and the results are simply classic. Each side of the 12" is padded with remixes, with San Serac remixing 'In The End It's Your Friends', and Shout Out Out Out Out frontman Nik 7 remixing 'Friends' under his Paronomasiac moniker.

The new full length album by Shout Out Out Out Out will be released Winter 2009.

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