No End in Sight for Pro-Pain

(PR) Pro-Pain's 11th album, the aptly titled "No End in Sight," is now available in stores via Regain Records.

The album includes special guest appearances from Pro-Pain friends and family, like Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett, Bohse Onkelz bassist Stephan Weidner, and Corey and Gary Meskil, Jr., both aspiring metal musicians.

After 16 years together, Pro-Pain has not lost an ounce of the rage and fury that has driven the band to create equally hard-hitting albums.

"We still enjoy making music together as a band on and off stage, and we feel as though some of our best records have been made in recent times," said vocalist/bassist/founding member Gary Meskil. "Our fans are also a very important factor when it comes to our longevity. Without their diehard support, we would probably not be able to continue in the same capacity."

Die-hard fans know what to expect with each album, but they also know that each will have its own flair. "No End in Sight" is Pro-Pain's most melodic offering to date while still maintaining a traditional Pro-Pain heaviness.

"Over the past year, we have further developed our own sound and style by veering away from the trends that seek to achieve nothing more than 'sonic heaviness,' which can be immature and shallow," Meskil said. "In our opinion, heaviness in music is a much broader concept. Our unique views, when applied to our band, have allowed us to become our own animal."

"No End in Sight" was recorded with a more old-school, less-is-more approach. "Once we achieved the tones that we liked, we left it that way," Meskil said. "So, there wasn't that much to do in terms of the mix aside from a few tweaks here and there. We are big fans of the '70s classic rock approach to recording/producing, and so we try to keep things simple and earthy. Tom Scholz from the band Boston is quoted as saying, 'What I need in the studio is just the basic equipment. As soon as you add on more channels than you need and more gadgets, then you have more trouble.' I agree."

The album's title, "No End in Sight," with the "No" crossed out, came courtesy of drummer JC Dwyer and leaves room for multiple interpretations. Meskil's personal take has to do with the "End Times" philosophy. "As the world spirals downward, with each passing day the title becomes more and more relevant," he said.


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