Against Me! Bus Crash

(punknews.org) Against Me! was involved in a bus crash while traveling between dates in Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah earlier this week and their frontman has finally issued a report about what went down.

The band is currently touring with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Future of the Left. Leo reported in via his website that the members of Against Me! are uninjured but likely delayed

Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel posted a blog about the accident and said in part, "Everyone was asleep when it happened. I didn't want to wake up. Moments before I was sleeping so deeply. I was annoyed. I woke to the sound of my friends screaming, various expletives, inarticulate gasps, the sensation of spinning, and the sound of crashing inside and outside the bus. My eyes opened to blackness. I immediately pressed my hands and feet into the roof of my bunk as hard as I could, bracing for what I did not know." - more

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