Bigelf Week: Day 2

(antiMusic) We love Bigelf so much here at antiMusic that we're bringing them back for another artist week! Last time we celebrated the U.S. release of their masterpiece 'Hex,' and we are now pleased to tell you that they have topped themselves with their latest release 'Cheat The Gallows.' which is in stores now. To celebrate this new release, we asked Damon and Ace to share with us the stories behind some of their favorite tracks from the CD. Here they are with today's song "Money, It's Pure Evil":

Ace: It's the is the first single off the album. It only has two parts, and sometimes that's all you really need. The lyrics are about what great power money has these days, how it affects people, and how the whole world is turning around it... whether we like it or not. The lyrics are really straight forward, with a very simple theme which touches and affects everybody living in the modern world.

Damon: Originally released on "Hex", this was literally a last minute recording featuring an impromptu live piano and vocal performance. The band liked the tune so much, we arranged it and started played it live. When it came time to record "Gallows", we felt the song was worthy enough to give it another go...low and behold, we did and it became the first single! Lyrics are the key to this song and they are constantly relevant and reoccurring in my life. Unfortunately, people never disappoint me.

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