Bastards Revisited

(MMP) Today Metal Mind Productions presents rerelease of Cerebral Fix's "Bastards". Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc, limited to 2000 copies. New digipack edition includes 7 bonus tracks taken from the bootleg recorded in London. The reissue will be available on 10th November 2008 in Europe and 20th January 2009 in USA (via MVD).

Cerebral Fix - English thrash/death metal band does not need any special introduction. They became members of the UK thrash metal and death metal scenes by releasing four albums ("Life Sucks... And Then You Die!" 1988, "Tower of Spite" 1990, "Bastards" 1991, "Death Erotica" 1992) before disbanding in 1993. In 2006, the band announced its reformation. In 2007 Metal Mind Productions released a box entitled "Products of Disgust" with the complete discography of Cerebral Fix.

Celebral Fix's third studio album "Bastards" was released in 1991 and featured a guest vocal performance by Blaze Bayley � at the time with Wolfsbane, but soon to be singer with Iron Maiden - and was promoted during a tour with American death metal band, Obituary.

1. Bastards
2. Descent Into The Unconciousness
3. Veil Of Tears
4. Beyond Jerusalem
5. Return To Infinity
6. Sphereborn
7. I Lost A Friend
8. Ritual Abuse
9. Mammonite
10. Middle Third (Mono-Culture)
11. Maimed To Beg
12. No Survivors
13. Smash It Up

Bonus tracks:

14. Warmstorm *
15. Tower Of Spite *
16. Feast Of The Fools *
17. Descent Into The Unconsciousness *
18. Veil Of Tears *
19. Culte Of Tears *
20. Chasten Of Fear *
* taken from "London bootleg"

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