This Is Spinal Tap As Told By The Simpsons

(PR) We were sent over a little info about a brand new release that's hitting Nintendo WiiWare and PC digital distribution channels this week. Here it is: Baddest of the Bands will get you pumping your fist and possibly busting a gut.

Music and gaming have been converging in many innovative ways over the past few years, and Baddest of the Bands is unlike anything you've seen before. This plays as an arch parody of the rock music world, with shades of This is Spinal Tap as told by The Simpsons. Washed up death metal bands, shameless band merchandising, snooty rock journalism -- it's all fodder for skewering in Baddest of the Bands.

Baddest of the Bands is an installment in a five episode long game series called Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and the musical slant in this release makes this episode a great fit for your audience. The game stars boxing-glove-clad megalomaniac Strong Bad (the self-proclaimed "coolest person ever") and the rest of the crew from the popular Homestarrunner.com web cartoons. - http://www.baddestofthebands.com/

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