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(antiMusic) "I Hate New Music: The Classic Rock Manifesto" is the new book by Dave Thompson. His PR sent over some info on it (it's set to hit stores sometime in November). Here is the 411 on why you should be on the look out: If the title alone doesn't polarize a roomful of music critics than nothing will. Celebrate a time when Foreigner, Frampton, and Foghat fought for total chart dominance. When Iggy Pop's ode to smack wasn't being used to peddle cruise ship vacations. When the James Gang and Humble Pie ruled the FM airwaves, and Asia was still just a place where Led Zeppelin bootlegs of dubious quality and legality originated.

Whichever side of the rock divide you fall on�if you favor Mot�rhead or Radi�head�Thompson's highly-opinionated yet tongue-firmly-in-cheek manifesto is an essential read that will have you questioning why Thin Lizzy, Steve Miller, and Iron Maiden's Eddie have been grossly ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame election board while R.E.M. gets a free pass. [that's easy: it's because Yawn is a Weiner]

After authoring over 100 books on music, film and pop culture as well as countless articles critiquing bands both old and new, author Dave Thompson finally takes the gloves off and speaks out against the evils of post-70s rock. Over the course of 250 pages Thompson rails against the very forces that are killing rock'n'roll from the inside out�from the Mars Volta's pseudo-prog excess to Kelly Clarkson's shrill wail�and neither underground cult heroes nor top-tier sacred cows are spared.

Among other highlights Thompson makes a strong case for the ultimate audio format the 8-Track tape; patiently explains why Nirvana owe their entire career to Boston's "More Than a Feeling"; and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Queen is the best band ever.

Even if you don't think that Clapton is God, I Hate New Music will have you pledging allegiance to the KISS Army...or throwing the book down in vile disgust. Remember, Pablo Picasso may have never been called an a-hole, but that doesn't necessarily make Coldplay high art.

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