Dandy Warhols Get Remixed for Record Store Day

(PR) In honor of the second annual Record Store Day, April 18, 2009, the Dandy Warhols are releasing a super-limited 4-song remix EP, Earth To The Remix EP, Volume Two.

Last summer, to coincide with the release of their fifth full-length, the self-released …Earth To The Dandy Warhols…, the band remixed four of the album's tracks themselves and gave them out for free through independent retail outlets.

The overwhelming fan response to the EP prompted the Warhols to put their talent to work again. A digital version of Earth To The Remix EP, Volume Two will be available on Tuesday, April 21.

1. And Then I Remixed Of Yes (A Peter Holmström / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)
2. When The Talk Radio Breaks (A Courtney Taylor-Taylor / Jake Portrait Remix)
3. Love Song (A Fathead / Jeremy Sherrer Remix, feat. Big Pauper & Sara Melson)
4. Now You Love My Remix (A Zia McCabe / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)

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