Jeff Scott Soto Announces Messy New Album

(PR) Jeff Scott Soto returns with this first new album in four years, "Beautiful Mess." Available April 7 in the US on Frontiers Records, "Beautiful Mess" is different direction for the soulful vocalist, who earned a reputation as one of the finest singers in melodic rock/metal through his work with Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Journey. For this record, Soto is using the moniker JSS, the trademark initials his diehard fans associate with him, to separate "Beautiful Mess" from his three previous solo albums.

"This is the album I always wanted to make," he said. "The last one, 'Lost in the Translation,' was more rock and in-your-face. 'Beautiful Mess' is all about songs and the singer, not guitar solos and big riffs. The songs on 'Beautiful Mess' are also more soul and R&B laced, as well. I wanted the diversity it has but I didn't want it to sound confusing to old fans while I am trying to gain new ones."

Soto began gathering material for "Beautiful Mess" in 2005 as the tour for "Lost in the Translation" was winding down. He took a break to record a new Talisman record, then got further sidetracked when Journey came knocking. After touring with the rock legends, Soto managed to get into the studio to record "Beautiful Mess," then hit the road with Trans-Siberian Orchestra for its 2008 holiday season tour.

Soto's chaotic life and work schedule were the inspiration for the new album's title. "My life, my career, this album…is a beautiful mess," he said. "I have recently gone through a divorce, which is always messy, but in the end beautiful things came out of our lives. My career has always been a bit messy - am I a rock singer, pop singer, soul singer? But it is beautiful that I can mix all of them to one. This album has a messy mix of different sounds, but in the end, it fits together beautifully!"

Frontiers Records is synonymous with quality melodic music in the rock, progressive, and metal genres. With over 400 records under its belt and chart success in all the core markets of Europe and Asia, Frontiers has become the European home of rock music greats such as Journey, Styx, Toto, Night Ranger, Winger, Dokken, White Lion, and many more. With the strategic move to open a US office and ink a direct distribution deal with Super D, Frontiers is now looking to increase the success story that started 12 years ago in a small room in Naples, Italy, under the initiative of the label's President Serafino Perugino.

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