Paul and The Patients Set Release

(PR) Paul and The Patients and American Myth Recordings are proud to announce the May 26TH release of To The Lions, the debut EP from the New York City 5 piece, and the second addition to the catalog for the Brooklyn based indie recently responsible for putting out Lissy Trullie's critically acclaimed Self-Taught Learner.

Paul and The Patients write songs that blend dark melodies and brooding dissonance, yet remain buoyed by propulsive rhythms that kick along and deftly keep them from sinking into utter oblivion. The compositions fit the blurred memories of late night outings to poorly lit bars, and the guilty gray mornings that follow them. To The Lions, also channels the unease that palpitates below the surface of the excesses of modern day America.

Paul Holmes (Vocals, Guitar) began writing the songs that make up To The Lions as a means of grasping the life that swirled around him. They served more as an act of therapy than anything. His original intentions weren't so much about creating something to perform live so much as a means of purging the emotions and thoughts he held within. He spent long feverish nights in his room, writing and then immediately recording and mixing tracks, creating new material at a prolific pace. Those songs tackled everything from relationships and boredom, to feeling like a king one moment and a total slob the next, and a recently developed heart condition that forced him to think a little more clearly about his own mortality.

Eventually it was time to take the songs out from behind the safe confines of the bedroom walls, which were running out of space to hold them all in. To help flesh the creations out live Paul enlisted the help of some friends. Dave Greenwald (Drums), Jay McBride (Guitar), Pete Swan (Bass), and Josh Ascalon (Synths, Vocals) became The Patients.

After nearly a year of playing gigs every other week together, and practicing non-stop, the band has grown very comfortable with their material and each other on stage. The self-produced tracks on the EP were fittingly for the most part recorded live in the band's practice space. With the release of To The Lions, Paul and The Patients are excited at the prospects of bringing their music to a wider audience this summer as they continue to play shows and write new material.


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