Whole Lotta Cash For Zeppelin Cover Band. For Member's Original Band? Not So Much

(MusicRadar) It's always been hard for original bands to get noticed (and make a few bucks in the process) , but with people scaling back because of the economy, it might be even harder than ever. However, the Chicago-based band Yakuza (Prosthetic Records) have figured out the best way to play music and rake in some dough - play in a tribute band. A Led Zeppelin tribute band, to be exact.

"That's the moneymaker for me," Yakuza singer-saxophonist Bruce Lamont told the Chicago Tribune, referring to his side band called Led Zeppelin 2. "We played House of Blues in January and sold out. Now House of Blues and Live Nation are all about the band, and they booked other shows for us."

"The money is coming in, but I'm not spending it on a Corvette, I'm funneling it into the six other bands I need to feed." - more on this story

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