Motley Crue Want American Idol Theme Show

(SleazeRoxx) Imagine the male contestants on American Idol donning pink lingerie to help get their glam rock on. Sleazerooxx has the story: Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is vying to get his rock band featured on reality TV show American Idol after meeting the singing competition's former winner Carrie Underwood.

Neil admits he initially dismissed the series as a karaoke competition, but quickly became a fan of the show after meeting the blonde country star. Underwood's cover of the rockers' hit song Home Sweet Home is now featured as the anthem for this season's departing contestants.

And Neil has become such a big fan of Underwood and the show that made her famous, he's now eyeing a Crue-themed night for the series' remaining singers. He tells the New York Post, "Knowing that she was a fan made it a lot easier... That (having a Motley Crue theme) would really shake them up wouldn't it? Might be good for the show." [??? doesn't he really it would be mean good for Motley Crue's sales? Perhaps Idol could also do a show with the 90s answer to Motley Crue: Limp Bizkit =)] - more on this story

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