InnerKill Prepping Their Debut Album

(Glass Onyon) Metal band InnerKill are currently recording their debut album 'Barbed Wire Noose' which follows their self-released 3 track demo, the self-titled 'InnerKill'. Featuring Roswell, New Mexico locals Rich Harkness and Chuck "Rabid" Ivey (former vocalist and bassist for Odd Man Out) and Chris Sheriff (Children of a Lesser God), and introducing guitarists Paul Paschall, Jr. and Josh "Travolta" Burns, InnerKill hope to dig into the scene again with their monster album. The band's 2008 release 'InnerKill' has gotten some major and local attention from fans, supporters and the music press looking forward to the new tracks.

InnerKill's demo version of "Gagged and Bound" has seen some internet radio play on the Raven's Eggs and Kegs Metal Show based out of Colorado. Raven's review of the track was positive, and he has requested the studio version to be added to his rotation. This was followed up with the title track "Barbed Wire Noose" being submitted to the same program. It has also been received well.

'Barbed Wire Noose' will include the three tracks from the demo plus eight new ripping tunes, including local favorite "Guillotine". " 'Guillotine' was actually written while I was in Odd Man Out," explains founder and bassist Chuck "Rabid" Ivey. "The original version failed to meet my expectations. With Chris adding the missing thunder to the song, and Paul adding the siren guitar solos which were absent in the original version, 'Guillotine' is going to knock some fans out. It is finally written and delivered the way it was meant to be." Tracks that didn't make the prior band's cut but are now added to the InnerKill arsenal are "Gagged and Bound" and "Blood, Sweat and Blood". Rabid explains, "These songs were written in our transition from our former band to the new InnerKill. These tunes are somewhat dark in content because I was going through a difficult time in my life. 'Gagged and Bound' has this wicked bass line which others have sort of deemed to be played like a lead guitar."

Rabid has actually been both praised and shunned for playing bass so busily. "I have been accused of playing lead bass in the last band. All I can say is that I can't even play lead guitar, so I don't see how it is at all possible. Learning how to compose a whole song on bass has pretty much given me my busy style."

To compliment Rabid's style are the razor-like speedy chops of Paul Pashcall, Jr. "This guy can play anything. He even gives lessons on his own time, and, believe it or not, I learn a lot from him. I can't tell you how appreciative I am to have a real musician to work with," says Rabid. "I have dubbed him my guitar soulmate. Paul also brings original songs to the band, which I enjoy because coming up with a bass line to a song already written is more fun. Composing a song on bass, for me, is somewhat hellish. I try to incorporate every instrument I hear in my head onto the fretboard. Hense the busy style."

"There is great excitement within the band. We know we're gonna go somewhere. Anywhere. We just don't know how far. We are all committed and ready to have some fun."

InnerKill do not have a definite date for the 'Barbed Wire Noose' release, but they are teasing the public with a July date. "I wanna make sure we have all our ducks in a row," says Rabid. "We can promise a mid- 2009 release." Currently InnerKill has four of their tracks up on their MySpace. You can visit them at www.myspace.com/innerkill . Their official InnerKill website has been shut down due to a pending upgrade.

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