Beatles Yellow Submarine Remake- Unreleased U2 Tracks Coming- Tommy Lee Still Off Cruefest- Where the Wild Yeah Yeah Yeahs Are- God Dethrone Drummer- and more

(antiMusic) Truly nothing is sacred in Hollywood and they will remake anything. Case in point today comes from Billboard: Robert Zemeckis is in negotiations to direct a remake of [The Beatles] "Yellow Submarine" for Disney. Like all Zemeckis productions, "Submarine" would be done in performance capture and would also be a digital 3D endeavor. more.

On BBC Radio 1 yesterday, Bono and The Edge revealed that U2 had been digging out rare and unreleased tracks for the upcoming deluxe re-issue of 1984's The Unforgettable Fire.more

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs leads the soundtrack to the film version of Where The Wild Things Are. The soundtrack, due out September 29, is attributed to Karen O and the Kids. more

God Dethroned has formally announced the departure of drummer Roel Sanders, who has left the group for the second time. Sanders has subsequently been replaced by Michiel van der Plicht.more

We assumed yesterday that Tommy Lee was coming back but it appears that assumption was wrong according to this Blabbermouth report: Motley Crue has tapped longtime friend and fan Frank Zummo (Street Drum Corps) to fill in for drummer Tommy Lee at three upcoming shows. Commented Zummo: "The first concert I ever saw was M�TLEY CR�E when I was a kid, and I've been a big fan ever since. It is a huge honor for to drum with one of the greatest rock bands, and filling in for Tommy will be one of the most amazing experiences of my life!" more

Brian Setzer released the first two singles, "Trouble Train" and "Lonely Avenue" via iTunes in advance of the release of the upcoming studio album 'Songs From Lonely Avenue', due out October 13th more

Gallows will join Flogging Molly for a portion of the group's upcoming Canadian tour. dates

Circle Of Dead Children has finally completed tracking for their next full-length, titled "Psalm of the Grand Destroyer." Although the music was recorded last November, according to the group, "various circumstances effectively sidelined the progression and release since then."more

Clear Channel Radio is bringing its popular "Stripped" on-demand music series to its iheartradio online and mobile channel.more

Mellowdrone is about to release their second LP titled "Angry Bear" and their first album with Coming Home Records. Its been a long three years since releasing their last album "Box" and eventually being dropped by Columbia. The follow up to their last album is due August 25th. You can stream the entire album more -

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