Free Music Alert: Exploding In Sound Release A New Compilation

Dan Goldin sent over this news: The year is coming to a close, and the world approaches the ever futuristic sounding year 2010. With the decade in its closing stages, a strange and disjointed musical era comes to an end, but not before Exploding In Sound returns with the biggest and most triumphant compilation yet� CIRCULATORY SYSTEM.

Like the organ system that spreads nutrients our bodies can't live without, helping fight disease, Exploding In Sound aims to do similar for your musical distribution network with the fourth installment of its acclaimed series. Through the nineteen track Circulatory System compilation, I aim to spread great new music to everyone interested in helping fight the disease that is tired old generic rock. It's with the spreading of the compilation that we can combat the toxins being force fed to us with truly incredible new music that will prove beneficial for the mind, body, and soul.

Featuring new music from some of the greatest independent bands in the world including The Willowz, Rishloo, Constants, Radio Moscow, Irepress, Stomacher, The Boxing Lesson, and many more, Circulatory System is a 100% FREE digital download, containing artwork, band descriptions, links for further enjoyment, and more.

With a release date strategically following in the wake of Thanksgiving weekend, I am enormously thankful and humbly gracious for everyone who has helped put this record together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the willingness and cooperation of these incredible artists none of this would be possible, and your cooperation is appreciated and never forgotten. To the fans of the site, thanks for your continued support and I know you'll enjoy what I truly believe to be the most spectacular compilation yet! As always, support the artists and great music will continue to be made. We've only just begun.

1. Radio Moscow - I Just Don't Know
2. The Willowz - Repetition
3. Ultra Violent Lights - In Lieu of Pay
4. Woolgather - Wind-Up Bird
5. Stomacher - Police
6. The Boxing Lesson - Muerta
7. Gift Horse - Missionaries
8. Tangents - Fall Asleep Again
9. Constants - Damien
10. Bloody Knives - Buried
11. Rishloo - Downhill
12. The Dirty Dishes - Stolen Apples
13. Solar Powered People - Melting Ice & Snow
14. Blind Dog Sky - I'm Comin' Home
15. Blood Warrior - Blood Letting
16. Waxhouse - Ration
17. Monument to No One - Planetary
18. Emptyself - Just Go On
19. Irepress - Adeluge

Exploding in Sound is a website/blog created by Dan Goldin with the purpose of promoting and spreading great rock music. "Circulatory System" marks the exceptional fourth release in an ongoing compilation series aimed at breaking new artists and gaining exposure. The first three "Bands You Need to Know 2009," "The Recession Rock Revival," and "Future Legendary" have been met with critical praise and wide spread acclaim.
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